Photoshop troubleshooting

Expression Studio 2.0

If you have any problems when working with images from Adobe Photoshop in Microsoft Expression Media, try some of the tips in this section.

If an imported Photoshop image displays this message in Microsoft Expression Media, This layered Photoshop file was not saved with a composite image, the .psd file was not saved with Maximize Compatibility selected. This can be fixed in either of the following two ways:

  • When saving files in Photoshop, make sure that the Maximize Compatibility option is selected.

  • To save .psd files automatically with maximum compatibility, in Photoshop's File Handling dialog box, on the Preferences menu, set the Maximize PSD File Compatibility menu to Always.

Some Photoshop documents that have alpha channels can be incorrectly displayed. Expression Media sometimes interprets the alpha channel as a transparent layer. Expression Media displays transparencies as a specific color and by default this is yellow.

To correct this problem, cancel the selection of the Use Alpha Channel setting by clicking the Edit menu, pointing to Preferences, clicking Media Rendering, and then clicking the Images tab. All newly imported Photoshop files will be displayed correctly. To correct existing thumbnail images, select them and click Rebuild Item on the Action menu.

  • No importer found   You may receive this error message when Expression Media cannot display or render a particular file type. Try upgrading to the latest version of QuickTime.

  • Volume not mounted    Expression Media needs access to the actual file in order to display it on the screen in Media view or Slide Shows. You may receive this error message when Expression Media cannot find the media storage device or disk on which the file is stored. Putting the disk in the disk drive should solve the problem.

  • Customer Support   If you have additional questions, make sure that you check the documentation and the community forum. If you still can't find an answer, see our website at

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