Annotating by dragging from a view

Expression Studio 2.0

The Catalog Fields index is an alternative way to add metadata organization to your media instead of typing annotations in the Info panel.

All IPTC, XMP, and QuickTime standard fields in the Catalog Fields index support the drag-and-drop operation. Supported fields include Catalog Sets, Date Finder, and Sample Color. Microsoft Expression Media displays custom annotation fields at the bottom of the Annotations group, and these fields also support the drag-and-drop operation.

Instead of assigning annotations in the Info panel, you can create an annotation field term in any of the Catalog Fields groups. You can drag an image to the annotation value in order to assign that value to the image.This significantly speeds up and simplifies the annotating process. If you switch to the Info panel, you will notice that the same annotation is represented in the corresponding annotation field. Conversely, if you add metadata to an annotation in the Info panel, it will also appear in the corresponding group in the Catalog Fields index.

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