Simple styles

Expression Studio 2.0
This page applies to WPF projects only

Simple styles are a set of custom, ready-to-use style resources for a set of common system controls, such as the Button and ListBox controls. The simple styles are contained in a resource dictionary that is not visible in the Resources panel until you draw a simple style from the Asset Library on the artboard. Expression Blend provides these simple style resources because modifying the style of a system control requires some knowledge of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) styles and templates in order to not break the functionality of the control.


The Expression Blend simple styles are not available in Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 projects, but you can create JavaScript classes to define reusable controls. For an example, see the Button class in the ButtonGallery sample that is available from the Samples tab in the Welcome Screen (on the Help menu). For more information, see the Silverlight learning center.

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