Move media in catalogs

Expression Studio 2.0

To rearrange items in a catalog, you can drag them, singly or in groups, or you can use other move options available on the View menu.

To move media in catalogs

  1. In List view or Thumbnail view, select the file or files that you want to move.

  2. You can either drag the files to a new location in the catalog or select one of the following commands from the View menu:

    • Move to Location   Moves your selected files to a different location in the catalog. When you select this command, the pointer becomes a crosshair. Place the crosshair at the location where you want to move the files to, and then click.

    • Move Again   Repeats the last move you made in a catalog.

    • Move to New Catalog   Creates a new Microsoft Expression Media catalog with the selected files. This command does not remove selected items from the current catalog.

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