Create bitmapped image objects

While you can import a bitmapped image as an object on a layer in Microsoft Expression Design, you can also create an image object from scratch on a layer. This technique is like taking a screen capture of part of your document.

To create a bitmapped object

  1. On the Object menu, point to Image, and then click Create Image Object. The pointer changes to the Create Image icon Cc294811.404d099e-81b2-4713-aef8-08a3364405da(en-us,Expression.30).png.

  2. Drag the Create Image pointer diagonally over objects on your page, as if you were drawing a rectangle the size of the bitmapped image. When you release the mouse button, the Rasterize Area dialog box opens.

  3. Choose a resolution in the dpi slider.

  4. Click OK. Expression Design creates the image object on your page based on the objects you dragged over.

After creating an image object, the page may look the same because the image object is positioned exactly on top of the other objects on your page. You can change or move it like any other object.

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