Expression Studio 2.0

This page applies to WPF and Silverlight 2

Microsoft Expression Blend includes an extensive list of controls that you can use to design your application. The topics in this section describe the categories of controls, how to work with them, and how to create your own controls.


Most of the controls in this section are not available in Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 projects. However, you can wrap objects in Canvas layout panels and define their behavior in JavaScript event hander methods, or define custom objects in JavaScript class files. For an example, see Create a button that controls a storyboard in a Silverlight application, or see the Button class in the ButtonGallery sample that is available from the Samples tab in the Welcome Screen (on the Help menu). For information about how to write JavaScript for your Silverlight 1.0 application, see Silverlight scripting and mouse events.

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