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Use folder watching

Use folder watching

Expression Studio 2.0

Microsoft Expression Media offers advanced folder watching to monitor all folders that contain cataloged media, on either a hard disk or a local network. When new media appears in a watched folder, it can be manually or automatically imported to the catalog.

Folder watching is useful for a workflow in which:

  • Images are being scanned by batch and saved to a particular folder.

  • A "folder action" is automatically downloading images from other computers or from the Internet.

  • Several users are contributing images to a shared network folder.

To import files that use folder watching

  1. Click the Organize button.

  2. Click the Folder Watching icon Cc294760.a62ebefa-fc22-4bbb-bb88-b4a62597dd2f(en-us,Expression.10).png at the top of the Catalog Folders panel, and then select an option from the menu.

    • When new images have been added to any folder, Expression Media displays a blue arrow on the folder icon. To import these new images into your catalog, choose Update Folder Now from the individual folder's shortcut menu.

    • To enable automatic updating, choose Switch Auto-Update On on the shortcut menu of the individual folder that you want to be updated automatically. When new images are added to that folder or to any sub-folder, Expression Media automatically imports those images to your catalog. Expression Media adds the new images to the end of the catalog.

    • Auto-update folders are colored green. To clear the auto-update feature, but maintain folder watching, select Switch Auto-Update Off.

To turn off catalog-wide folder watching, choose Never from the catalog Folder Watching menu.

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