Working with annotations

Expression Studio 2.0

There are several ways to quickly add annotations to your files. Use the following methods to work with annotations:

  • Open/close an annotation group   Click the field label of the group.

  • Add an annotation term   Select an annotation group, such as Events, and then press the plus sign (+) at the top of the Catalog Fields index. Type the name of your annotation term. All new terms are stored in the vocabulary for that field.

  • Add an item to an annotation term   Select an item, or a group of items, and then drag them onto an annotation term. Associating an item with an annotation term in a catalog does not affect the original file.

  • Remove an item from an annotation   Click the dot next to an annotation term, showing only those files associated with it. Select an item, or a group of items, and then press the DELETE key. A warning dialog box will ask if you want to remove this item from the annotation term or from the entire catalog. If you switch to the Info panel, you will notice that the same annotation has been removed from the corresponding annotation field of the item or group of items.

Once you have assigned media to various annotation terms, you can filter the catalog using the Catalog Fields index.

To find files that match an attribute (Date, File Type) or annotation (Events, Locations, and so on), click the dot next to term in the Catalog Fields index. The corresponding files appear in the active view. All files that do not match the annotation or attribute will be hidden, which is useful for finding a particular group of files for batch processing, exporting, reorganizing, or printing.

After you have found the files you want, on the Find menu, click Show All to reveal all the hidden files in your catalog. To show all files, you can also click Show All Items on the toolbar.

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