Option sets

Expression Studio 2.0

Several complex features in Microsoft Expression Media offer the ability to save a set of options for easy recall and repeat use; these are called option sets. Option sets are stored in the Options menu of the dialog box of a feature. Saved options can be incorporated into scripts. Option sets are small, custom-made files and are easy to copy, share, and install.

The following features can store options. For more information on the feature mentioned, locate the related topic in the index.

Note: Option sets for image conversion created in earlier versions of iView and Microsoft Expression Media may not work correctly with Expression Media 2.

  • Find   Saves and recalls simple or complex Boolean (and/or) search strings.

  • Batch Rename   Stores combinations of settings for file renaming.

  • View Options   Stores the display options for text, color, and metadata of List, Thumbnail, and Media views. A view's Size menu options are also stored with an option set.

  • HTML Gallery   Stores variations on theme settings for different clients or projects. The Site Title is not stored with an option set.

  • File Conversion (Images, Sound, and Movie files)   Saves conversions with a specific purpose, such as compression for web or e-mail distribution.

  • Text Data File   Saves and recalls various metadata groupings that you want to export.

  • PDF Maker   Stores page layout styles for the production of high-resolution PDFs.

To save an option set

  1. Make sure that you have all the dialog box options of the feature set appropriately.

  2. On the Option Set menu, click Save.

  3. Type the name of the option set, and then click OK.

    Option Set menus are listed alphabetically. If you want a particular option set to appear at the top of the list, add a blank space as the first character of the name.


    There are no methods for renaming an option set. If you want to change the name, you must save the option set again using a different name, and then remove the old one from the list.

To remove an option set

  1. On the Option Set menu, click Remove.

  2. Select an option set, and then click Remove.

Option sets are good for saving and recalling a large group of settings. Option menus are typically located in the lower left of a dialog box.

You might want to install option sets on other computers in a workgroup or share them with other Expression Media users.

To share an option set

  1. Locate the user-defined Plug-ins folder in Option Sets. There are several folders of option sets:

    • CLGE = PDF Maker

    • BREN = Batch Rename

    • IMGC, SNDC and MOVC = File Conversion

    • LAY0, LAY1, LAY2 = List, Thumbnail, Media views

    • HTML = HTML Gallery

    • TEXT = Text Table


    Find option sets cannot be shared.

  2. Copy the option set you want to the desktop and distribute it wherever you want. The recipient must put the option set in the correct corresponding option set folder.


    When you share HTML Gallery option sets with other people, they must have the relevant themes installed for the option set to function correctly.

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