Installing Expression Media

Expression Studio 2.0

These are the minimum system requirements for Microsoft Expression Media (with recommended requirements in parentheses):

  • Intel Pentium III 500 MHz processor or equivalent (Intel Pentium 4)

  • 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM

  • 1024 x 768 display with 24-bit color

  • 100 megabytes (MB) of hard disk space for installation

  • Windows XP (XP SP2) or Windows Vista

  • A version of Apple QuickTime not earlier than version 7.3.1 (optional)

  • DirectX 9.0c

  • A version of Adobe Reader not earlier than version 7.0 for PDF file support

Insert the Expression Media DVD into your optical drive. Follow the installation instructions on your screen.

Location of the Plug-ins folder

The user-defined Plug-ins folder is located in one of two locations:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Expression Media 2\Plug-ins (Windows XP)

  • C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Expression Media 2\Plug-ins (Windows Vista)


On some Windows operating systems, the Application Data folder might be hidden. If so, look in your operating system Help for more information about how to show hidden folders.

You can find additional resources for learning about Expression Media online. To access tutorials, customer support, forums, and program updates, visit the Microsoft Expression Studio 2 at

Microsoft may periodically update Expression Media. You can automatically receive and install each update as it becomes available.

To receive updates

  • Do one of the following:

    • Windows Vista   On the Start menu, point to Programs and click Windows Updates. In the Windows Updates dialog box, click Change Settings and then set an update frequency from the Install New Updates menu.

    • Windows XP   On the Start menu, point to All Programs and click Control Panel. In Control Panel, double-click Automatic Updates and, in the Automatic Updates dialog box, set an update frequency.

    • Windows Vista and Windows XP   On the Help menu, click Check for Updates.

Expression Media can use any QuickTime-based media importer. Download and install the importer. You can download additional importers from non-Microsoft sources on the web.


You must have QuickTime installed in order to use a QuickTime importer.

Expression Media is scriptable and you can easily integrate it with non-Microsoft programs to perform workflow automation.

Expression Media supports Visual Basic Script and JavaScript automation. Once you create scripts, you can attach them to Expression Media for access through the Scripts menu.

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