The Live Encoding workspace

The key tools that you must have to acquire, assemble, and present your live encoding project are contained in the Live Encoding Mode workspace. To access this workspace, click the View menu, and then click Live Encoding Mode.

For detailed views of the workspace, see Create a Live Encoding session.

The Live Encoding workspace

Live Sources viewer   View the output from your live sources here. Live sources include any kind of connected and compatible camera device that is currently capturing video. Once you specify a source, a Play button appears. Click that button to begin broadcasting and recording from that source.


File Sources viewer   View and play your file sources here. The viewer displays a thumbnail of the file that you chose, in addition to the remaining time and the action that will occur after the file plays. Click Play to begin broadcasting and recording the file.


Live/File Sources settings   Configure all your live and file sources by clicking the corresponding tab.


Start/Stop button   Click to begin or end your live encoding broadcast.


Elapsed time display   View the running length of your live broadcast.


Size display   View the size of your archived broadcast.


Mute Output button   Click to mute all audio.


Output panel   Before your broadcast, view the necessary set of tasks you must perform to initiate streaming. The tasks are displayed as links. When you click a task, the area of the application that corresponds to that task will be illuminated. Once your streamed broadcast begins, this window displays your streaming images.


Script Commands panel   Create script commands and captions.


Exit Live Mode button   Click to exit Live Encoding mode and return to the main workspace. Any archived live-encoding session will appear as appended to an open job when you return to the main workspace.


Output settings   Configure the Encoding, Metadata, and Output settings, and apply Presets by clicking the corresponding tabs.

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