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The Rotate filter

Expression Studio 2.0

You can use the Rotate filter to adjust the angle of an image. You can adjust the rotation in increments as small as one tenth of a degree.

The Rotate filter


To rotate an image 90 degrees clockwise

  1. Select an image file.

  2. On the Window menu, click Image Editor.

  3. Click the Rotate filter.

  4. In the Rotate dialog box, in the Angle field, type 90.

    To rotate the image counter-clockwise, put a negative sign (-) in front of the number in the Angle field.


    This rotation method is not the same as a lossless JPEG rotation. For lossless rotations of 90, -90 and 180 degrees, see the JPEG Rotate command on the Action menu.

  5. When the image is rotated, select a color in Pad Color to use for the background of the image.

  6. Use the arrows to rotate by increments of .1 degrees (The up arrow rotates clockwise; the down arrow rotates counter-clockwise), or just type the number of degrees to rotate (negative numbers rotate counter-clockwise).


    You can also drag the image with your pointer.

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