Open a Silverlight 1.0 project

Expression Studio 2.0

This page applies to Silverlight 1 projects only

A Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 project (or site) is a collection of website files and XAML files that do not necessarily have an associated project file. Consequently, opening a Silverlight 1.0 project is slightly different from opening a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) project.


Although you can open other types of website projects in Microsoft Expression Blend 2, we do not recommend it. This is because Expression Blend 2 does not include all the code-editing features that are available in other programs such as Microsoft Expression Web 2.

  1. On the File menu in Expression Blend 2, point to Open, and then click Site.

  2. The Open Site dialog box appears.

  3. In the Location text box, enter the path of the Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 project folder, or click the Browse button to select the folder by using the Browse for Folder dialog box.


    Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 video projects that are created in Microsoft Expression Encoder 2 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 include a project file. Therefore, you can open those projects using either the preceding procedure or the procedure that is described in Open a project or solution. Both methods enable you to test the opened project in a web browser when you press F5.

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