Live Encoding

The topics in this section guide you through creating a live, streaming broadcast using the tools in the Live Encoding workspace.

With the Live Encoding feature of Microsoft Expression Encoder, you can encode an audio and video stream in real time, from either a live-based or a file-based source. You can then deliver the encoded media to several networked client computers. Expression Encoder delivers the encoded media to the specified destinations almost instantly, giving you an end-to-end live-streaming pipeline. You can use Live Encoding to accomplish tasks ranging from delivering an online video presentation recorded from a USB webcam to streaming a large-scale presentation across a Wide Area Network (WAN) by using multiple live and pre-recorded sources.

You can obtain source footage for your live encoding experience either from pre-recorded media already present as files on your hard disk, or from a hardware recording device such as a digital video camera, USB webcam, or SDI and PCI capture cards. Although Expression Encoder can recognize most hardware devices that you can connect to your workstation therefore, will recognize the video or audio obtained by that device, there may be some devices that are incompatible.

For file-based encoding and streaming, you can use any media file that Expression Encoder can import. For more information, see Supported file formats.


You can use only constant-bit-rate encoding in Live Encoding mode.

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