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Resources panel

Resources panel

The Resources panel in Microsoft Expression Blend lists all the resources that are used in the currently open project. You can drag resources from the Resources panel onto the artboard, to apply them to an object, or to create a new object that uses that resource. For more information about resources, see Creating reusable resources, Create a brush resource or color resource, and Styling a control that supports templates.

The Resources panel, undocked


Create new resource directory   Click to create a new resource dictionary.


Linked To   Identifies a linked resource.


Show resources used by selected element   Filters the list of resources to display only those used by the selected element.


Resource preview   Displays a thumbnail view of the resources used in the project.


App.xaml   Displays application-level resources.


Document-level resources   Displays the resources for the selected document.


ControlStyles.xaml   Includes various resource containers, such as resource dictionaries, and the open document.


Object-level resources   Displays the resources for the selected object.

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