Set Audio options

Set Audio options

The Audio settings specify overall quality of your encoded audio. Microsoft Expression Encoder supports multichannel (5.1 and 7.1 surround sound) audio.

  1. Click the Encode tab. If you can't see the Encode tab, on the Window menu, click Encode.

  2. Set your Audio options in the Encode panel according to the following guidelines:

    • Bitrate   Specifies, in Kbps, the bit rate for the file. Increase the bit rate if audio is an important part of the file (for example, if the audio is a recording of a concert). To save file size and bandwidth, you may want to decrease this value if your audio consists only of speech, such as a talk show podcast.

    • Sample Rate   Specifies the number of samples per second in the audio file. You will get the best results if you set the sample rate to match the rate of your original file.

    • Bits Per Sample   Specifies the bit depth used when sampling.

    • Channels   Specifies the type of audio channels in your file. Most profiles feature only stereo.

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