Drag objects

The Selection tools not only let you select objects, but also let you move objects freely around your page.

To select and drag an object

  1. In the Toolbox, click a selection tool.

  2. Select an object and drag it.

Normally, you can select and move objects in one dragging action. However, in the Options dialog box, on the General panel, if you have disabled the Quick (area) select option, you must select one or more objects first (with one click or drag) and then move them with a second drag of the mouse.

To enable Quick (area) select

  1. On the Edit menu, point to Options, and then click General.

  2. On the General panel, under General, clear the Quick (area) select check box.

You often don't have to click exactly on the path to drag the object. If the object has a fill of any type, you can click anywhere on the fill color or pattern to drag the whole shape. If the object has a wide stroke that extends past the boundaries of the shape, you can drag on that, too.


Hold down the SHIFT key when you drag to constrain the movement vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Normally, the diagonal angle is either 90 or 45 degrees, but the angle depends on the Rotation steps value in the Units and Grids pane of the Options dialog box. Also, notice that holding down the ALT key when dragging duplicates the selected object rather than moving it.

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