Convert text to path

At times, you may want to convert an editable text block to a collection of Bezier paths.

To convert text to Bezier paths

  1. Select the text you want to convert.

  2. On the Object menu, click Convert Object to Path.

The result is a group of closed paths that is no longer editable with the Text tool. However, you can modify the paths just as you would any other path in Microsoft Expression Design.

If the text contained more than one character, the path of each glyph (or character) will be grouped together.

Here, the original text block (top) was converted to outlines (bottom) and then individual paths were edited

Converting to a path.

To ungroup characters from each other

  1. Select the text you want to ungroup.

  2. On the Arrange menu, click Ungroup.

Characters that contain holes (also named "counters"), such as the hole in the middle of the letter "D," are converted into compound paths that have multiple subpaths.

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