Crop video

You can crop your video in Microsoft Expression Encoder, and then specify whether the cropped sections will be replaced by black bars, or whether the remaining content will be stretched to fill the frame dimensions.

  1. In the Media Content panel, select the video that you want to crop.

  2. In the Enhance panel, under the Pre-Processing category, select Crop.

  3. If you want to retain the original aspect ratio of the footage as you crop it, make sure that the lock icon is closed. If it is not, click to close it.

  4. Do one of the following to change the crop dimensions:

    • In the Viewer panel, drag the corner points.

    • In the Crop section, drag the Top, Left, Width, and Height values. Drag up or right to increase the values, or drag left or down to decrease the values. Alternatively, you can click the values in each box and type new values.

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