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os:preview Element

Describes a service that provides an Accelerator preview.


    accept-charset = "sCharset"
    action = "sAction"
    enctype = "sEnclosureType"
    method = "sMethod">
<!-- child elements -->


Optional. Any valid character set name. If not specified, the following is assumed:
utf-8Default. 8-bit Unicode Transformation Format (UTF-8).
Required. A URL that specifies the target of this request. The template can contain replaced variables.
Optional. A content type for form data.
application/x-www-form-urlencodedDefault. Name/value pairs, with specific rules for encoding non-ASCII and reserved characters.
multipart/form-dataSubmission is multipart MIME, suitable for binary data. Only valid with POST request.
Optional. The HTTP request method to use. Case-insensitive.
GETDefault. Sends data as URL parameters. Appends os:parameter elements to the URL template.
POSTSend data as name/value pairs in the body of the request.

Element Information

Parent elements os:activityAction
Child elements
May occur one or more times os:parameter
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 8
Minimum operating systems Windows XP SP2


An Accelerator can optionally provide a HTML preview that is displayed when the user hovers over an Accelerator in the context menu. This can be useful to quickly obtain a map, in-place definition or translation, and even ratings or links to related content.

The preview window is limited to 320 x 240 (WH) on a 96 dots per inch (dpi) display. All content outside of the region is cut off. Content with scrollbars is not recommended. The preview window is suitable for light-weight user interaction; provide links to send the user to view the full Web page for more information.


The following Accelerator snippet uses an optional os:preview element to display the definition of the selected word when the user hovers over the Accelerator menu item.

<os:activity category="define">
  <os:activityAction context="selection" >
    <os:preview action= "http://www.example.com/preview.php?word={selection}"/>
    <os:execute method="get" action="http://www.example.com/define.php">
      <os:parameter name="word" value="{selection}" type="text" /> 

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