Create Partition Wizard F1 Help

Use the Create Partition Wizard to divide the data in large tables into units that can be indexed and spread across more than one filegroup in a database. Partitioning can make large tables more manageable and scalable and querying much more efficient.

To start the Create Partition Wizard

  • In Object Explorer, select the database, right-click the table on which you want to create partitions, point to Storage, and then click Create Partition.

    Note   If Create Partition is unavailable, the selected table may already be partitioned. Click Manage Partition in the Storage submenu instead, and use the Manage Partition Wizard to modify your existing partitions.

For general information about partitions and indexes, see Partitioned Tables and Indexes.

This section provides the information that is required to design and implement partitions using the Create Partition Wizard.

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