Move Workload Group

Use this page to move a workload group to a resource pool.

Select the resource pool to move your selection to

Available resource pools are displayed in the window. Click the name of the resource pool that you want to move the workload group to, and then click OK to carry out this action.

This action is not completed until after you click OK. When you click OK, the ALTER RESOURCE GOVERNOR RECONFIGURE statement is executed. For more information, see ALTER RESOURCE GOVERNOR (Transact-SQL).

You can determine whether there is a configuration pending by querying the sys.dm_resource_governor_configuration (Transact-SQL) dynamic management view to get the current status of is_configuration_pending.

If the create or reconfigure operation fails for the resource pool or workload group, a summary error message appears below the title of the property page. To see a detailed error message, click the down arrow on the error message.

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