Data Compression Wizard F1 Help

Use the Data Compression Wizard to change the data compression settings for both tables and indexes. The Data Compression Wizard can also estimate the space that would be used by the table or index for each compression setting.

Compression can be configured for the following structures:

  • A whole table that is stored as a heap.

  • A whole table that is stored as a clustered index.

  • A whole nonclustered index.

  • A whole indexed view.

  • For partitioned tables and indexes, the compression option can be configured for each partition and the various partitions of an object do not have to have the same compression setting.

For information about how to compress a table or index, see Creating Compressed Tables and Indexes.

To start the Data Compression Wizard

  • In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, in Object Explorer, right-click a table or index, point to Storage, and then click Compress.

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