Import Policies Dialog Box

Import Policies Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to import one or more policies (and their referenced condition) that are saved as XML files, into the current SQL Server Database Engine instance. For more information, see How to: Export and Import a Policy-Based Management Policy.

To open this dialog box

  • In Object Explorer, expand Management, right-click Policy Management, right-click Policies, and then click Import Policy.

Files to import

To import a policy from an XML file, type the path and name of the file or use the Browse (...) button.

Replace duplicates with items imported

Select to overwrite any existing policy or condition of the same name if it already exists on this Database Engine instance. A condition with a dependent policy cannot be overwritten unless the dependent policy is also being overwritten. If this option is not selected, an existing condition that is using the same condition expression will not cause an error.

Policy state

Select the state that you want for the imported policy:

  • Preserve policy state on import

  • Enable all policies on import

  • Disable all policies on import

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