The client calls this method to pass information about itself to the server. The client MUST call this method if the server has returned IsRegistrationRequired=true from the client's most recent preceding call to GetConfig (section The client SHOULD only call this method again if any of its registration information has changed, or if the server has requested it be called again by throwing a RegistrationRequired ErrorCode while processing a subsequent method invocation.

Request Validation:


Validation Conditions

Error Code


MUST be a valid cookie, issued by this server, that has not expired.

InvalidCookie, ServerChanged, or CookieExpired


MAY perform validation of these fields.


Note Validation of the computerInfo data is optional, because this data is purely informational and is not used anywhere else in the client/server protocol.

Data Processing:

The server SHOULD store client registration info on the server so that administrators can see the types of computers that are getting updates from the server. This is not required because the cookie is created and maintained through the GetCookie method (section, and the computerInfo is purely informational and is not used anywhere else in the client/server protocol. If the server does not store this information, then the server will generally take no action in response to this method (other than validating parameters and returning a result). A server that does not store client registration information could include IsRegistrationRequired=false in its response to GetConfig (section, to inform the client that a call to the RegisterComputer method is not needed.


If no faults occur during the operation, the server MUST return a RegisterComputerResponse message to the client.