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This token specifies a byte offset from which playback should begin. The byte offset is measured from the beginning of the ASF file and is expressed as two decimal numbers separated by a colon. The value for stream-offset MUST match the start of a packet within the ASF file.

Each of the two numbers MUST be in the range from 0 through 4,294,967,295.

The first number gives the most significant 32 bits of the byte offset and the second number gives the least significant 32 bits of the byte offset.

This token is defined for use only in requests sent to a server.

The syntax of the stream-offset token is defined as follows.

 stream-offset = "stream-offset=" 1*10DIGIT ":" 1*10DIGIT

The following is an example to start playing at 1,024 bytes into the file.

 Pragma: stream-offset=0:1024

The following is an example of ignoring stream-offset.

 Pragma: stream-offset=4294967295:4294967295
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