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4.6 Single File Streaming

The following sequence occurs between a client and server when streaming a single file. The sequencing applies to both the pipelined mode and the non-pipelined mode of the protocol.

  1. The client sends a Describe request to retrieve the ASF header.

  2. The server responds with a $H (Header) packet.

  3. The client sends a Play request for the file, selecting one or more streams (2).

  4. The server responds with a $H (Header) packet and $D (Data) packets.

  5. After all $D (Data) packets have been sent to the client, the server sends a $E (End-of-Stream Notification) packet to indicate that the end of the ASF file has been reached.

  6. The client sends a Log request to the server.

  7. The server responds with a confirmation that it received the log.

The following figure shows the previously described sequence.


Figure 9: Sequencing during single-file streaming

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