CharacterSet Enumeration

The CharacterSet Enumeration defines the possible sets of character glyphs that are defined in fonts for graphics output.

 typedef  enum
   ANSI_CHARSET = 0x00000000,
   DEFAULT_CHARSET = 0x00000001,
   SYMBOL_CHARSET = 0x00000002,
   MAC_CHARSET = 0x0000004D,
   SHIFTJIS_CHARSET = 0x00000080,
   HANGUL_CHARSET = 0x00000081,
   JOHAB_CHARSET = 0x00000082,
   GB2312_CHARSET = 0x00000086,
   CHINESEBIG5_CHARSET = 0x00000088,
   GREEK_CHARSET = 0x000000A1,
   TURKISH_CHARSET = 0x000000A2,
   HEBREW_CHARSET = 0x000000B1,
   ARABIC_CHARSET = 0x000000B2,
   BALTIC_CHARSET = 0x000000BA,
   RUSSIAN_CHARSET = 0x000000CC,
   THAI_CHARSET = 0x000000DE,
   OEM_CHARSET = 0x000000FF
 } CharacterSet;

ANSI_CHARSET:  Specifies the English character set.

DEFAULT_CHARSET:  Specifies a character set based on the current system locale; for example, when the system locale is United States English, the default character set is ANSI_CHARSET.

SYMBOL_CHARSET:  Specifies a character set of symbols.

MAC_CHARSET:  Specifies the Apple Macintosh character set.<6>

SHIFTJIS_CHARSET:  Specifies the Japanese character set.

HANGUL_CHARSET:  Also spelled "Hangeul". Specifies the Hangul Korean character set.

JOHAB_CHARSET:  Also spelled "Johap". Specifies the Johab Korean character set.

GB2312_CHARSET:  Specifies the "simplified" Chinese character set for People's Republic of China.

CHINESEBIG5_CHARSET:  Specifies the "traditional" Chinese character set, used mostly in Taiwan and in the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions.

GREEK_CHARSET:  Specifies the Greek character set.

TURKISH_CHARSET:  Specifies the Turkish character set.

VIETNAMESE_CHARSET:  Specifies the Vietnamese character set.

HEBREW_CHARSET:  Specifies the Hebrew character set

ARABIC_CHARSET:  Specifies the Arabic character set

BALTIC_CHARSET:  Specifies the Baltic (Northeastern European) character set

RUSSIAN_CHARSET:  Specifies the Russian Cyrillic character set.

THAI_CHARSET:  Specifies the Thai character set.

EASTEUROPE_CHARSET:  Specifies a Eastern European character set.

OEM_CHARSET:  Specifies a mapping to one of the OEM code pages, according to the current system locale setting.