GamutMappingIntent Enumeration

The GamutMappingIntent Enumeration specifies the relationship between logical and physical colors.<10>

 typedef  enum
   LCS_GM_ABS_COLORIMETRIC = 0x00000008,
   LCS_GM_BUSINESS = 0x00000001,
   LCS_GM_GRAPHICS = 0x00000002,
   LCS_GM_IMAGES = 0x00000004
 } GamutMappingIntent;

LCS_GM_ABS_COLORIMETRIC:  Specifies that the white point SHOULD be maintained. Typically used when logical colors MUST be matched to their nearest physical color in the destination color gamut.

Intent: Match

ICC name: Absolute Colorimetric

LCS_GM_BUSINESS:  Specifies that saturation SHOULD be maintained. Typically used for business charts and other situations in which dithering is not required.

Intent: Graphic

ICC name: Saturation

LCS_GM_GRAPHICS:  Specifies that a colorimetric match SHOULD be maintained. Typically used for graphic designs and named colors.

Intent: Proof

ICC name: Relative Colorimetric

LCS_GM_IMAGES:  Specifies that contrast SHOULD be maintained. Typically used for photographs and natural images.

Intent: Picture

ICC name: Perceptual