Receiving an SSTP_MSG_CALL_ABORT Message

If CurrentState is set to Call_Abort_Pending:

  1. Stop the TIMER_VAL_ABORT_STATE_TIMER_1 timer (section

  2. Start the TIMER_VAL_ABORT_STATE_TIMER_2 (section timer.

  3. Change CurrentState to Call_Abort_Timeout_Pending.

Else if CurrentState is set to Call_Abort_Timeout_Pending or Call_Disconnect_Timeout_Pending:

  • Ignore the message.


  1. Change CurrentState to Call_Abort_In_Progress_2.

  2. Send an SSTP_MSG_CALL_ABORT (section 2.2.13) message.

  3. Start the TIMER_VAL_ABORT_STATE_TIMER_2 timer (section

  4. Change CurrentState to Call_Abort_Timeout_Pending.

The HTTPS listener MUST continue to function as it did before the cleanup process. The cleanup of the connection MUST NOT affect other existing HTTPS connections and MUST NOT affect the ability of the HTTPS listener to accept new connections.