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If the server receives a request that does not conform to the structures outlined in section 2, the server MUST fail the request, as specified in section, with the error code STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER. The server MAY<205> also disconnect the connection.

The server MUST disconnect, as specified in section, without sending an error response if any of the following are true:

  • The ProtocolId field in the SMB2 header is not equal to 0xFE, 'S', 'M', and 'B' (in network order).

  • The Command code in the SMB2 header does not match one of the command codes in the SMB2 header as specified in section 2.2.1.

  • The server receives a request with a length less than the length of the SMB2 header as specified in section 2.2.1.

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