Sending Compounded Responses

The server MAY<190> compound responses to the client.

To compound responses, the server MUST set the NextCommand in the first response to the offset, in bytes, from the beginning of the SMB2 header of the first response to the beginning of the 8-byte aligned SMB2 header in the subsequent response. This process MUST be done for each response except the final response in the chain, whose NextCommand SHOULD<191> be set to 0. The length of the last response in the compounded responses SHOULD be padded to a multiple of 8 bytes. The server MAY<192> grant credits separately on each response in the compounded chain. Then the entire response chain MUST be sent to the client as a single submission to the underlying transport.

The server SHOULD NOT<193> send the response message when the size is greater than Connection.MaxTransactSize+256.