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Expand All Sending Any Outgoing Message

Unless specifically noted in a subsequent section, the following logic MUST be applied to any response message being sent from the server to the client.

  • For every outgoing message, the server MUST calculate the total number of bytes in the message and update the values of ServerStatistics.sts0_bytessent_low and ServerStatistics.sts0_bytessent_high.

  • For the command requests which include FileId, if Connection.Dialect belongs to the SMB 3.x dialect family and ChannelSequence is equal to Open.ChannelSequence, the server MUST decrement Open.OutstandingRequestCount by 1. Otherwise, the server MUST decrement Open.OutstandingPreRequestCount by 1.

  • For every outgoing message, the server SHOULD set the CreditCharge field in the SMB2 header of the response to the CreditCharge value in the SMB2 header of the request.

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