Receiving an NT_TRANS_QUERY_QUOTA Request

The server MUST query the underlying object store, in an implementation-specific manner, to enumerate the quota information for the list of SIDs specified in the SidList field, on which the file or directory indicated by the Server.Open identified by the SMB_Parameters.Words.Setup.FID field of the request resides.<136> If the underlying object store does not support quotas, then the server MUST return STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED.

The server MUST return as much of the available quota information that is able to fit in the maximum response buffer size denoted by MaxDataCount. If the entire quota information cannot fit in the response buffer, then the server MUST return a status of STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL. Otherwise, the server MUST return STATUS_SUCCESS. The format of the request determines which entries need to be returned, as specified in section The server MUST place the quota information in the response, as specified in section, and send the response back to the client.