3.3.3 Initialization

The Authentication Expiration Timer, as specified in section, MUST be started at system startup. The following values MUST be initialized at system startup:

  • Server.MessageSigningPolicy and Server.SupportsExtendedSecurity MUST be set based on system policy.<97> The value of this is not constrained by the values of any other policies.

  • Server.MaxCopyChunks MUST be set to an implementation-specific<98> default value.

  • Server.MaxCopyChunkSize MUST be set to an implementation-specific<99> default value.

  • Server.MaxTotalCopyChunkSize MUST be set to an implementation-specific<100> default value.

  • Server.CopyChunkTimeOut MUST be set to an implementation-specific<101> default value.

  • Server.Share.SnapshotList MUST be set to zero.

When an SMB connection is established, the following values MUST be initialized.

  • Server.Connection.GSSNegotiateToken MUST be empty.

When an SMB session is established on an SMB connection, the following value MUST be initialized:

  • Server.Session.AuthenticationState MUST be set to InProgress.

  • Server.Session.SessionKeyState MUST be set to Unavailable.

  • Server.IsDFSCapable MUST be set to FALSE.

  • Server.Share.IsDfs MUST be set to FALSE.

All other values are initialized as specified in [MS-CIFS] section 3.3.3.