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3.2.3 Initialization

Initialization of the following additional parameters is required beyond that specified in [MS-CIFS] section 3.2.3.

The following values MUST be initialized at system startup:

  • Client.MessageSigningPolicy and Client.SupportsExtendedSecurity MUST be set based on system policy.<76> The value of this is not constrained by the values of any other policies.

  • Client.Supports32BitPIDs MUST be set to TRUE if the client supports 32-bit process IDs.<77>

When an SMB connection is established, the following values MUST be initialized:

  • Client.Connection.GSSNegotiateToken is set to an empty array.

  • Client.Connection.ServerGUID is set to the GUID of the server.

When an SMB session is established on an SMB connection, the following value MUST be initialized:

  • Client.Session.AuthenticationState MUST be set to InProgress.

  • Client.Session.SessionKeyState MUST be set to Unavailable.

  • Client.Session.UserCredentials MUST be empty.

  • Client.SessionTimeoutValue (see [MS-CIFS] (section SHOULD be set to 60 seconds.

All other values are initialized as specified in [MS-CIFS] section 3.2.3.

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