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Expand All SamrRemoveMultipleMembersFromAlias (Opnum 53)

The SamrRemoveMultipleMembersFromAlias method removes multiple members from an alias.

 long SamrRemoveMultipleMembersFromAlias(
   [in] SAMPR_HANDLE AliasHandle,
   [in] PSAMPR_PSID_ARRAY MembersBuffer

AliasHandle: An RPC context handle, as specified in section, representing an alias object.

MembersBuffer: A structure containing a list of SIDs to remove from the alias's membership list.

This protocol asks the RPC runtime, via the strict_context_handle attribute, to reject the use of context handles created by a method of a different RPC interface than this one, as specified in [MS-RPCE] section 3.

The server MUST behave as with N successive message calls to SamrRemoveMemberFromAlias, once for each SID value in MembersBuffer, where MembersBuffer contains N elements. The server MUST ignore the processing error triggered by a value not existing in the member attribute's values and abort the request on any other processing error.

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