The SAM_VALIDATE_PASSWORD_CHANGE_INPUT_ARG structure holds information about a password change request.

   RPC_UNICODE_STRING ClearPassword;
   RPC_UNICODE_STRING UserAccountName;
   unsigned char PasswordMatch;

InputPersistedFields: Password state. See section

ClearPassword: The cleartext password of the change-password operation.

UserAccountName: The application-specific logon name of an account performing the change-password operation.

HashedPassword: A binary value containing a hashed form of the value contained in the ClearPassword field. The structure of this binary value is specified in section The hash function used to generate this value is chosen by the client. An example hash function might be MD5 (as specified in [RFC1321]). The server implementation is independent of that choice; that is, through this protocol, the server is exposed to a sequence of bytes formatted per section and is, therefore, not exposed to the hash function chosen by the client. Furthermore, there is no processing by the server that requires knowledge of the specific hash function chosen. Section 2.2.9 contains more information about a scenario in which this field is used.

PasswordMatch: A nonzero value indicates that a valid password was presented to the change-password request.