An outbound proxy implementation MUST NOT accept the OUT_R1/A11 RTS PDU in any state other than A11W. If it is received in another state, the outbound proxy MUST treat this PDU as a protocol error as specified in section

If this RTS PDU is received in A11W state, the outbound proxy implementation MUST perform the following actions in the sequence given:

  1. Switch the successor OUT channel to unplugged channel mode.

  2. Send an OUT channel response on the OUT channel to the client. The fields for an OUT channel response are defined as follows:

    • HTTP version: MUST be the string "HTTP/1.1".

    • Status-Code: MUST be the string "200".

    • Reason-Phrase: MUST be the string "Success".

    • Content-Type: Outbound proxies MUST set this header field to the string "application/rpc".

    • Content-Length: Outbound proxies MUST set this field to an implementation-specific value in the inclusive range of 128 kilobytes to 2 gigabytes.<47>

  3. Transition the state to opened.