OUT_R1/A1 or OUT_R2/A1 RTS PDUs

The OUT_R1/A1 RTS PDU and the OUT_R2/A1 RTS PDU have the same format and are processed identically by the outbound proxy. This section explains processing for OUT_R1/A1 only, but the same processing rules apply to OUT_R2/A1.

An outbound proxy implementation MUST NOT accept this RTS PDU in any state other than opened. If it is received in any other state, the outbound proxy MUST treat this PDU as a protocol error as specified in section

If this RTS PDU is received in opened state, the outbound proxy implementation MUST send OUT_R1/A2 or OUT_R2/A2 to the client, depending on whether OUT_R1/A1 or OUT_R2/A1 is received on the default OUT channel. OUT_R1/A2 and OUT_R2/A2 have the same format.