This section specifies the initialization steps that are common among all roles in the RPC over HTTP v2 protocol dialect.

  • BytesSent (section is initialized to 0 bytes.

  • Recipient BytesReceived (section is initialized to 0 bytes.

  • Receiver AvailableWindow (section is initialized to 0 bytes.

  • Sender AvailableWindow (section is initialized to the value of ReceiveWindow on the recipient side.

  • ConnectionTimeout (section is initialized to an implementation specific value within the range of 30 seconds to 1800 seconds.<26>

  • Default IN Channel is initialized to the first or primary channel. When the server is initialized, there is only one IN channel.

  • KeepAlive Interval is initialized to zero and is interpreted as having no keep alive requested by the higher-layer protocol.

  • Default OUT Channel is initialized to indicate the first or primary OUT channel. Except during channel recycling, which is not active when the server is first initialized, there is only a single OUT channel.

  • Virtual Connection Cookie Table is initialized to an empty table.