RTS Commands

The RTS PDUs contain a series of commands. This section defines the valid RTS commands. Section defines how the commands are ordered in a PDU.

The type of each command in an RTS PDU is identified by a numeric value. Each command is used in one or more RTS PDUs as defined in sections through Section 3.2 defines when each RTS PDU is used, who sends it, and who receives it. The following table specifies the numeric value and meaning of each command type.



ReceiveWindowSize (0x00000000)

The ReceiveWindowSize command communicates the size of the ReceiveWindow.

FlowControlAck (0x00000001)

The FlowControlAck command carries acknowledgment for traffic received.

ConnectionTimeout (0x00000002)

The ConnectionTimeout command specifies the configured connection time-out.

Cookie (0x00000003)

The Cookie command carries an RTS cookie.

ChannelLifetime (0x00000004)

The ChannelLifetime command specifies the channel lifetime.

ClientKeepalive (0x00000005)

The ClientKeepalive command carries the desired interval for sending keep-alive PDUs.

Version (0x00000006)

The Version command carries the RPC over HTTP v2 version number for the sender of the PDU that contains this command.

Empty (0x00000007)

Empty command.

Padding (0x00000008)

Padding is a variable-size command used to pad the size of an RTS PDU to a desired size.

NegativeANCE (0x00000009)

The NegativeANCE command indicates that a successor channel was not established successfully.

ANCE (0x0000000A)

The ANCE command indicates that a successor channel was established successfully.

ClientAddress (0x0000000B)

The ClientAddress command carries the client IP address. The IP address is encoded as specified in section Regardless of who sends this PDU, the address MUST be interpreted to be the address of the client.

AssociationGroupId (0x0000000C)

The AssociationGroupId command carries the client association group ID as specified in section Regardless of who sends this PDU, the association group ID MUST be interpreted to be that of the client.

Destination (0x0000000D)

The Destination command carries the destination to which a PDU MUST be forwarded.

PingTrafficSentNotify (0x0000000E)

The PingTrafficSentNotify command carries the number of bytes sent by the outbound proxy to the client as part of ping traffic.