ept_lookup_handle_free Method

The syntax of ept_lookup_handle_free method is as specified in [C706] Appendix O, but [C706] Appendix O does not describe the meaning of the arguments. As such, the meaning of the arguments is given as follows.

 void ept_lookup_handle_free(
   [in] handle_t hEpMapper,
   [in, out] ept_lookup_handle_t* entry_handle,
   [out] error_status* status

hEpMapper: An RPC binding handle as specified in [C706] section 2.

entry_handle: The context handle to free, which was received from a previous call to either ept_lookup or ept_map.

status: On return, this MUST be set to 0x00000000.

This method has no return values.