rpc_fault Packet

Connection-Oriented RPC PDUs ([C706] section 12.6) allows for stub data to be present in rpc_fault PDUs. Clients implementing these extensions MUST ignore any stub data in an rpc_fault PDU, and servers MUST NOT generate stub data in an rpc_fault PDU. [C706] also prescribes that if the status in the rpc_fault PDU is 0, the actual error is in the stub data. These extensions always retrieve the actual error from the status field in the rpc_fault PDU. A server implementation MUST NOT send any of the error codes specified in section

An implementation that does not follow these rules might not be able to interoperate successfully with an implementation of these extensions.

Connection-oriented RPC PDUs ([C706] section 12.6) set aside a reserved field. These extensions specify the least significant bit of the reserved field to be a flag indicating the presence of RPC extended error information. Details on RPC extended error information are specified in [MS-EERR]. If RPC extended error information is present, it is specified as a variable length BLOB, and its length MUST be calculated as alloc_hint - 0x20.