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Expand All Processing of MCS Disconnect Provider Ultimatum PDU

The structure and fields of the MCS Disconnect Provider Ultimatum PDU are specified in section

If Enhanced RDP Security (section 5.4) is in effect, the External Security Protocol MUST be used to decrypt and verify the integrity of the entire PDU prior to any processing taking place.

The embedded length fields within the tpktHeader field ([T123] section 8) MUST be examined for consistency with the received data. If there is any discrepancy, the connection SHOULD be dropped.

The MCS Disconnect Provider Ultimatum PDU (embedded within the mcsDPum field) is specified in [T125] section 7, part 4.

  • Servers MUST ignore the reason field within the MCS Disconnect Provider Ultimatum PDU.

  • Clients MAY use the value in the reason field to present an appropriate message to the user to indicate the cause of the disconnection that will follow. If the reason code was not set to either rn-provider-initiated (1) or rn-user-requested (3), the client MUST ignore the reason code.

After receiving an MCS Disconnect Provider Ultimatum PDU, the recipient MUST expect the network connection to be closed by the sender.

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