Sending Deactivate All PDU

The structure and fields of the Deactivate All PDU are described in section, and the techniques described in section demonstrate how to initialize the contents of the PDU.

The Deactivate All PDU is sent from server to client to indicate that the connection will be closed or that a capability re-exchange will occur. After sending the Deactivate All PDU the server MUST follow one of the following courses of action.

  • Send an MCS Disconnect Provider Ultimatum PDU (section to notify the client of the source of the disconnection ("user requested" or "provider initiated"), and then close the connection.

  • Close the connection without sending an MCS Disconnect Provider Ultimatum (in this case the client will not be informed of the source of the disconnection).

  • Initiate a capability re-exchange by re-executing the connection sequence, starting with the Demand Active PDU (section