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18.7 Logical Dependencies

The following figure represents the logical dependencies of the Transaction Processing Services protocols. For instance, the Transaction Internet Protocol (TIP) Extensions (as specified in [MS-TIPP]) requires an implementation of the abstract state machine specified in the MSDTC Connection Manager: OleTx Transaction Protocol.


Figure 139: Transaction Processing Services logical dependencies

As described in section 18.2, the abstract state machine that drives the Two Phase Commit protocol is specified in [MS-DTCO]. An implementation of this is required to support the protocols specified by [MS-CMOM], [MS-DTCM], [MS-TIPP], and [MS-DTCLU].

The protocol specified by [MS-DTCM] also requires that an implementation of the Transaction Internet Protocol (TIP) is present, as described in section 18.3. An implementation of the protocol specified by [MS-TIPP] is the only such implementation included in the Transaction Processing Services protocols.

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