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18.1 Transaction Processing Services Overview

The Transaction Processing Services protocols are used to communicate with a transaction manager to perform distributed transaction coordination, driving the transaction life cycle that as described in the [MS-DTCO] section titled Transaction Lifetime.

The remainder of this section is structured as follows:

  • Section 18.1.1 provides definitions of terms that are used throughout the section.

  • Section 18.1.2 provides a list of references describing basic transaction concepts.

  • Section 18.1.3 provides a brief description of basic transaction concepts.

  • Section 18.1.4 provides a list of the Transaction Processing Services protocols and a brief description of each, with references to the protocol specifications that specify each protocol in detail.

  • Section 18.2 provides a conceptual framework for Transaction Processing Services and a mapping of the protocols that are specified by MSDTC Connection Manager: OleTx Transaction Protocol and MSDTC Connection Manager: OleTx Management Protocol to this framework. This mapping provides a baseline realization of the conceptual framework that is defined in this document.

  • Sections 18.3, 18.4, and 18.5 describe the remaining transaction coordination protocols and map each protocol to the conceptual framework that is described in section 18.2, describing how they vary the baseline realization of that framework.

  • Sections 18.6 and 18.7 describe the dependencies among the Transaction Processing Services protocols.

  • Section 18.8 provides an example that illustrates how these protocols work together to execute a single distributed transaction.

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