14.2.14 Remote Desktop Protocol: Licensing Extension

The Remote Desktop Protocol: Licensing Extension (as specified in [MS-RDPELE]) allows authorized Remote Desktop Clients or users to connect to a Terminal Server. This protocol involves communication between the Remote Desktop Client, the Terminal Server, and a License Server. The Terminal Server can be configured to be in per device or per user license mode. Client Access Licenses (CALs) are installed on a License Server, and when a Terminal Server requests a license on a client's behalf, the License Server issues a license out of its available pool of licenses.

The Remote Desktop Protocol: Licensing Extension involves the following components:

  • Remote Desktop Client—Connects to a Terminal Server and provides the user interface through which a user interacts with a remote session.

  • Terminal Server—Hosts remote desktop sessions.

  • License Server—Issues licenses to users or devices using remote desktop sessions.

  • Clearing House—Activates License Servers and provides Client Access Licenses.

  • Active Directory—Stores licenses issued to users.

  • License Manager: Administers License Servers.