Playback Adjustment Sequence

Windows Media Services uses the MMS Protocol to stream data between the WMP and Windows Media Server by means of TCP and UDP.

During the playback process, the user is able to drag the seek bar to a new position and fast forward and rewind the content. The following sequence demonstrates one of these sequencing maneuvers: sequencing during playback.

If the user drags the seek bar to a new position, the sequence shown in the following diagram occurs:


Figure 55: Sequencing during playback - new position of seek bar

The steps in this sequence are as follows:

  1. The client sends the LinkViewerToMacStopPlaying message followed by a LinkViewerToMacLogging message.

  2. The server confirms with a LinkMacToViewerReportEndOfStream message.

  3. The client sends a LinkViewerToMacStreamSwitch message.

  4. The server responds with a LinkMacToViewerReportStreamSwitch message.

  5. The client sends a LinkViewerToMacStartPlaying message that contains the new playback position.

  6. The server responds with a LinkMacToViewerReportStartedPlaying message, while also streaming data to the client.